• iXL.com District-Wide License: Provided funding for the online learning platform iXL.com, which supports essential skill work in both math and literacy. iXL.com was used across grade levels to provide differentiated practice to students in both the hybrid and remote learning models.

  • Hopkinton School District Libraries "Learning Commons": Library Commons proposals for purchase of flexible and comfortable seating, moveable and reconfigurable tables and mobile book shelves to meet Universal Design for Learning principles for all three schools.

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  • Freshwater Ecosystem Study: Purchased essential equipment to support the 7th grade’s Integrated Science curriculum, including waders, nets, dissolved oxygen meters, and more. This is an annual collaboration with New Hampshire Fish and Game and New England College.

  • Schoolwide Composting Program: Purchased start-up equipment for school-wide composting at Maple Street School. The project is a collaboration between the Maple Street Green Club, the Hopkinton Middle High School Environmental Action Club, and the PTA.

  • Accessible Algebra Through Technology: Purchase of graphing calculators and related accessories to make course content and technology accessible to all students taking Algebra 2 (a graduation requirement).

  • Hopkinton Middle-High School Greenhouse Project: support for a new greenhouse at Hopkinton Middle High School, which will enhance science instruction and extracurricular programming; funds used to purchase a climate pod structure (such as the one pictured), which HMHS staff and students hope to construct in 2021.

  • Cricut in the Classroom: support for purchase of a Cricut Machine, a tool that integrates with technology, mathematics, and art instruction and allows creation and production of unique, student-designed items.  Grant funds were used to purchase a Cricut Machine, Easy Press, and related equipment. The grant recipient, Melanie Thornley, reported that “Within 20 minutes [of unboxing the machine], they had made a GEOMETRY sign for another teacher's classroom . . . students began designing decals for their own personal water bottles, calculators and binders.  We also had students working on hallway decals for the 5th floor and thank you gifts for the Hopkinton Public Schools Foundation before we were unexpectedly thrown into remote instruction and were not allowed back into our school building.” If you attended the Hopkinton Middle High School Graduation or watched it online, you’ve seen this grant in action - the Cricut Maker was used to create the over 260 wonderful customized face masks worn by graduates and their parents and guests.