The following grant proposals were pre-approved by the principals of the relevant schools, then authorized for funding by the HPSF Board in December 2019:

Freshwater Ecosystem Study (S. Barody) - $4,231.00: to benefit the 7th grade integrated science curriculum study, in collaboration with NH Fish and Game; funds would purchase essential, durable equipment that would support the study on an annual basis.


School-Wide Composting Program (A. Rothe) - $3,000.00: to benefit the MSS community, in collaboration with the MSS Green Club, PTA, HMHS Environmental Action Club and, hopefully, the Hopkinton Recycling Committee; funds would purchase durable equipment, which would sustain the composting program on an annual basis.


Accessible Algebra Through Technology (J. Lowe; P. Roye) - $4,189.00: to benefit the HMHS students of the Algebra 2 mathematics class – a requirement for graduation for all students.  The most beneficial way for these students to understand and learn Algebra 2 is through the use of graphing calculators; funds would purchase 30 graphing calculators, related charging stations, cables, guides and visual aids.


HMHS Greenhouse Project (J. Miner) - $11,000.00: to benefit the entire HMHS community, enhance existing science curriculum for HMHS (Earth Science Studies, Biology and Ecology classes); further enrichment for extra-curricular programs such as GROW (Grow a Row Of good Will) and ADL (Activities of Daily Living) programs; funds would purchase and install a new climate pod structure; local contractors have expressed an interest in providing free/reduced labor for related electrical and plumbing work.

Cricut in the Classroom (M. Thornley) - $1,250.00: to benefit the entire HMHS community; enhance student creativity, integrate into technology, mathematics and art classes; use for after-school groups such as drama group; student clubs can create and produce items for fundraising advertisements and t-shirts; funds would purchase Cricut Maker, Easy Press, related equipment and storage. 

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