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Foundation Mission enhance community support for public education in Hopkinton, NH. We invest in the growth and development of the whole child by funding programs and initiatives that cannot otherwise be supported by available public resources.





Close the Opportunity Gap


Development of the Whole Child


A number of years ago, a small group of forward-looking community members created the Hopkinton Public Schools Foundation (“the Foundation”).


The inaugural project was a joint venture between the Foundation, the Hopkinton School District, and the Town of Hopkinton consisting of an E (Entrepreneurship) Series. This series provided the opportunity for students and community members to learn from local and regional entrepreneurs. The kick-off was highlighted by Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Yogurt. The year-long series culminated with Hopkinton’s own business start-up contest: a Shark Tank. Local business leaders judged student business ideas with start-up funding provided the by the Hopkinton Public Schools Foundation. Awards supported expanding a cord wood business, an egg business, the development of an employment website, and the expansion of a watch company.

We are delighted that new life has been breathed into the board and its mission, allowing Hopkinton to join a growing number of communities seeking creative ways to provide exceptional public education to all students in an increasingly difficult funding environment.

Since the 2019-2020 school year, we have regularly funded grant applications submitted by Hopkinton School District staff.

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