The HPSF is pleased to announce the establishment of a grant program. This program is intended to provide teachers and schools with the incremental resources they need to support enrichment, innovation, development of the whole child, and/or reduction of the opportunity gap in the Hopkinton School District.

HPSF's grant program is open to teachers, staff, and administrators at all three Hopkinton Public Schools. Higher priority will be awarded to projects and programs that incorporate service learning and place-based education. Our funding is focused in, but not exclusive to the areas of:

  • Sustainability

  • Outdoor Education

  • Career-readiness

  • College-readiness

  • STEM

  • Arts and Culture

  • Global Education

  • Community Building

  • Social Emotional Health

Grant funds will be awarded twice a year, with one fall application deadline of NOVEMBER 15 and one spring application deadline of MAY 15. Funds will be awarded approximately 2-3 weeks following the application deadline.


Due to the COVID-19 State of Emergency, we were unable to give the May 15 grant cycle our full attention. Therefore, we will be accepting grant applications through DECEMBER 31.

To streamline the process somewhat, the grant application requires the school principal signature on only the Pre-Application OR the full Application, but is not required on both.


This will complete the grant cycle for 2020, then we will return to the May/November grant cycle for 2021. Thank you.